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Darwin's Landscape Laboratory and The University of Greenwich

Darwin's Landscape Laboratory and The University of Greenwich

Students from The University of Greenwich, School of Science, have been using Darwin's Landscape Laboratory as a research area as part of the MSc Environmental Conservation course.

Below are the summary research posters and final thesises for some of the students areas of study.


Interpretation Study in Darwin's Landscape Laboratory - Research Proposal

Research Proposal - Aim: To assess the different ways in which interpretation can be used to involve a wider constituency in scientific discovery, using Darwin's Landscape Laboratory as a case study.

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Investigation of Invasive Species Impacts on Biodiversity in Darwin's Landscape Laboratory - MSc Thesis

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Comparison Between the Forest Management Policies of South East Asia and Europe - MSc Thesis

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A Woodland Management Strategy for Darwin's Landscape Laboratory: Promoting the Habitat Requirements of the Hazel Dormouse (Muscardiunus avellanarius) - MSc Thesis

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Impacts of Invasive Alien Species in the Darwin Landscape

Summary Poster: This research project aims to investigate the impact of invasive alien species on the biodiversity of different habitats in 'Darwin's Landscape Laboratory'.

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          		Dhaval Poster.JPG

Woodland management on the nominated World Heritage Site

Summary Poster: To explore the problems associated with conflicting woodland management practices amongst a variety of landowners and investigate the potential for minimising these using participatory approaches to work towards a more holistic approach to woodland management on the nominated World Heritage Site.

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          		Jenny Poster.JPG

Comparison of Forest Management Strategies in S.E. Asia and the UK Using Darwin's Landscape Laboratory as a Case Study

Summary Poster: Research on Southeast Asian biodiversity over the past 20 years has been neglected in comparison to other tropical regions. The major challenges in mitigating the imminent threats to its biodiversity are primarily socioeconomic in origin, including population growth, poverty, chronic shortage of conservation resources (both expertise and funding) and corrupt national institutions.

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